Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Air Intake Filters

SA9 Compressor Air Filter1/2" MPT Paper Cartridge + Plastic Body

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    Air Intake Filters

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  • SA9
  • SA9
  • SA9
  • SA9

Product Description

Interstate Pneumatics SA9 Compressor Air Filter Replacement.

Air filters are one of the most critical factors to in your compressor. It removes solid particles like dust and bacteria from the air, so that your compressor works with optimum performance.

This replacement filter is a common filter used on many brands of compressors. It has plastic body and comes with a disposable sponge filter.

Comes with a disposable paper cartridge type filter element.


  • Greater durability than other filters in the market
  • Designed for use with most of the brand compressors


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