Saturday, August 19, 2017
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We take pride in offering our products as they strike the perfect balance of quality and price.

  • Air Compressors & Parts

    Interstate Pneumatics manufactures and distributes compressor parts that are guaranteed to meet the needs of your compressed air system. These parts are affordable yet high quality, aftermarket alternatives to the parts and products sold by original equipment manufacturers.

    Air Compressors & Parts
  • Air Tool Accessory Kits

    Now experience the premium quality with Interstate Pneumatics air tool accessory kits that are designed to impress with benchmark performance and lasting durability. Bring convenience to a wide range of tasks including automotive repairs, hose connections, equipment maintenance and more.

    Air Tool Accessory Kits
  • Air Tool Oil / Compressor Oil

    Interstate Air Tool Oil is ISO grade 22 light turbine oil that is ideally suited for use in pneumatic tools and automatic air line lubricators, optimized mixture of lubricants in every formula enables efficient performance.

    Air Tool Oil / Compressor Oil
  • Air Treatment Units

    Interstate Pneumatics offers FRL Air treatment units; Air filters, Air regulators and Air lubricators. You can now filter, dry and or reduce air pressure with ease.

    Air Treatment Units
  • Blowguns & Accessories

    Interstate Pneumatics Air Blow Guns features precision machined chrome plated castings and solid brass internal parts. All have a 1/4" NPT Female inlet and a 1/8" Female outlet.

    Blowguns & Accessories
  • CO2 Regulators, Fittings & Accessories

    The Metal Body CO2 Regulator has a pressure measuring range up to 125psi with a maximum inlet pressure of 1200psi including a safety burst disc rating of 800psi

    CO2 Regulators, Fittings & Accessories
  • Couplers & Plugs

    Interstate Pneumatics Couplers and Plugs are quality brands that are available in Brass & Steel. These products give excellent and efficient performance at a nominal price.

    Couplers & Plugs
  • Crimping Tools, Hose Clamps & Kits

    Interstate Pneumatics fitting kits allow you to get the maximum use and life out of your pneumatic tools, every piece of a fitting kit is manufactured with standards that ensure high quality performance.

    Crimping Tools, Hose Clamps & Kits
  • Ferrules

    Interstate Pneumatics Economical and dependable brass ferrules enable you to make up custom hose assemblies. Heavy duty ductile iron castings and hardened steel dies provide long service life and positive crimping.

  • Hose Fittings

    Interstate Pneumatics Hose Barb Fittings are machined from brass and are for use with either crimp type ferrules or worm gear hose clamps. All the threads are machined to Dry seal standards.

    Hose Fittings
  • Hose Reels & Accessories

    Interstate Pneumatics offers Hose Reels with heavy duty metal frame that can be used in any garage, or workshop; and comes with an adjustable guided arm; easy to install on a wall or ceiling.

    Hose Reels & Accessories
  • Hoses

    Interstate Pneumatics manufactures Polyurethane, PVC, Rubber, Recoil and Easy Lock Grey Air Hoses with the professionals in mind.

  • Hoses, Recoil

    Interstate Pneumatics provides you with the highest quality and the most extensive offering of recoil PU hose in the industry.    

    Hoses, Recoil
  • LED Flashlight / Floodlight

    Light up the work place with Interstate Pneumatics' LED flashlight or make it even brighter with floodlight. Bring all the convenience and brightness you need to your workplace with Interstate Pneumatics' lighting solutions.

    LED Flashlight / Floodlight
  • Manifolds & Manifold Kits

    Interstate Pneumatics now offers pre-assembled ready to go manifolds as standalone products and kits. These are professional grade couplers, designed for long life and problem free performance. Interstate Pneumatics manifolds feature steel plugs that are heat treated and recommended for heavy duty use.

    Manifolds & Manifold Kits
  • Pressure Gauges

    The Interstate Pneumatics pressure gauges are extremely high quality pressure gauges, General purpose dry pressure gages and liquid oil filled gages in numerous ranges are available from vaccum all the way up to 3500 psi.

    Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Washers and Accessories

    Great build quality and amazing performance signify Interstate Pneumatics range of high quality pressure washers, related accessories and parts. Equally excellent for amateur and professional craftsmen, these pressure washers stay durable while serving their purpose for a long time.

    Pressure Washers and Accessories
  • Thread Locker

    Interstate Pneumatics Threadlocker specially designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. Prevents loosening and stop leakage from shock and vibration.

    Thread Locker
  • Tire Inflators, Gauges, Chucks & Tire Tools

    Interstate Pneumatics Tire Inflators are available in three body styles; Medium Duty, for passenger cars and light trucks, Heavy Duty, for large trucks, and Heavy Duty Dial Gauge type inflators.

    Tire Inflators, Gauges, Chucks & Tire Tools
  • Valves (Brass & Steel)

    Interstate Pneumatics line of valves offer shut on/off and flow control of gases or liquids. Ball Valves, in-line bleed valve, Drain valves, button valves, check valves are some of the types available

    Valves (Brass & Steel)